Tech Talent Finds Canadian Immigration Much Easier Than US

As the United States and the Trump administration are closing the door on skilled immigrants, Canada, is doing the exact opposite. Capitalizing on the opportunity to attract skilled tech workers, Canada has initiated visa programs like the Global Talent Stream, similar to the U.S. H-1B program. 

There is a speedy processing turnaround, about a month to complete. Canada is at a three percent unemployment rate in the tech industry, well below the overall unemployment rate. It makes sense economically for U.S. companies to have offices in Canada, since the workers are in the same time zone, it is a quick flight, there are easy laws, and there is a benefit of the Canadian dollar. 

With the open immigration laws, there is access to skilled talent from around the world. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World to find the perfect position that matches your qualifications. It doesn’t matter where the job or you are located.

As of 2013, the number of tech positions in Toronto alone has increased 54 percent, from 148,000 to 228,000. Over 100,000 workers move to the Toronto area every year, which is double that of the San Francisco Bay area. Over 20 percent of the newcomers are degreed in the STEM field when they arrive, making them ready for open positions. 

Over 100,000 workers move to the Toronto area every year!

Sandeep Anand of Shopify said the company is looking to expand the diverse workforce. They understand doing so may mean helping people relocate and provide them with immigration support, which they are ready to do. There are job opportunities located around the globe. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World and be matched with the perfect position.

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