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Australian Job Ads Jump 10.2% in One Month

In one month, job ads in Australia increased 10.2 percent, amid various stimulus packages by the Victorian and NSW governments. The major jump in open positions proved Australia’s economic recovery was underway. Restrictions have been let up in the two largest states, and businesses welcomed this news while preparing for the summer holiday months. 

An Australian recruitment company recorded its most job ad levels for the past two years. There was an increase of over 63 percent on jobs across the board year-on-year. The largest jumps were in NSW at 20.3 percent, Victoria with 16.3 percent, and ACT at 19 percent. Submit your resume today to JobsAWorld. Their team will match you with a job that matches your skillset. Contact them today!

The job ad numbers reflect the latest boost of stimulus into the economies of Australia’s most populated cities. NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet reported another stimulus aimed at “pent-up” customer demand across the state of NSW and is planned to get cash into the economy by household spending. 

The new $2.8 billion package set aside $66 million for the hospitality industry to encourage outdoor dining for the summer, and additional funds for the arts sector. The Victorian government is following suite, planning $54.5 million for outdoor spending activities. Australia is a land of opportunity where you and your family can thrive. Contact JobsAWorld today to let them help you find the relocation job you deserve. You will receive personalized jobs directly to your inbox for you to review.

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