Jobs Across The World (JobsAWorld) has a mission to “allow the perfect match between people and companies seeking the best talents for the best job positions.”

The aging population around the world, as well as the new businesses being started and expanded, are causing challenges in finding skilled employees to meet hiring demands.


JobsAWorld has recognized this need and created an all-inclusive, international online employment solution. They are committed to helping employers meet job-seekers all around the globe. International applications are accepted no matter the location of the person looking for a job or the location of the company in need of someone to hire.

Skilled workers are immigrating by the thousands annually to countries where employment is available. The United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, and Canada are some of the countries seeing an increase in immigration for work. Workers are willing to relocate to where the employment and opportunities are. Competition between countries and business sectors is on the rise to maintain a healthy growth rate for economies and industries.

JobsAWorld operates the most original approach used in the job-searching and employment field. Ranging from the ease of access to a top-rate database, the benefits are huge to employers and those looking for employment. As an employer, you will receive access to thousands of resumes and as a job-seeker, submit your resume and wait for contact for a prospective job opportunity.

Benefits for Job-Seekers

    • Receive a notification when an employer is interested in your resume
    • Receive personalized open positions to your inbox
    • Able to apply for job openings by using your profile
    • Be matched with jobs that suit your skillset
    • Be updated about jobs that match your qualifications

As an employer is searching for an employer in the database and the system recognizes that you meet the requirements they have identified for a particular job, you will be promptly notified letting you know a potential company is interested in your resume. You will then confirm if you are okay with the employer contacting you about the open position.


Begin The Process

No matter if you are someone who is looking for a job opportunity and willing to relocate to another country, or if you are an employer looking for the right employer to join your company, the enthusiastic team of qualified professionals at Jobs Across the World (JobsAWorld) is ready to assist you. It has never been easier with our innovative approaches of job-seeking and employment.