Facts About Canadian Workers

Here are some facts about the Canadian work force, Workers rights and responsibilities. This information was collected for you by Jobs Across the World (JobsAWorld) team. You are invited to read and discover new things you did not know:

Maternity & Parental Benefits

Workers can get up to 17 weeks of maternity leave. An employee who assumes actual care of a newborn or newly adopted child is entitled to parental leave of up to 63 weeks. However, the total duration of the maternity and the parental leaves must not exceed 78 weeks.

Working hours in Canada

The standard hours of work for an employee in a federally regulated industry are: eight hours in a day (any period of 24 consecutive hours) 40 hours in a week (the period between midnight on Saturday and midnight on the Saturday that immediately follows

Sick Days

There is no federal legislation providing paid sick days for all Canadian workers. The Canada Labour Code gives federal employees up to five days a year of sick leave. If someone has been with the same employer for more than three months, three of those five days could be with pay.

Vacation Days

Canadaian provincial law governs annual paid leave unless the employee falls under federal jurisdiction, the study notes. All provinces guarantee two weeks paid vacation, except for Saskatchewan, which mandates three weeks.