New Technology Jobs in Toronto Have Grown by 54% Since 2013

The Silicon Valley has long had the reputation as the leading tech hub of the world, but that title is now in jeopardy. The U.S. has set restrictive immigration laws that have caused a significant setback to the tech sector. Over the past few years, thousands of tech workers have moved north, making Canada the leader as the fastest-growing tech field in North America.

Immigrants have no choice but to move to a location where there is work available. As President Donald Trump and his administration tighten the immigration flow by suspending the H-1B visas, Canada welcomes them with open arms. There are many job opportunities around the world that match your skillset. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World, and their team of professionals will help you find the perfect position. 

The number of tech positions in Toronto has risen from around 148,000 to 228,000 over the past seven years.  TechToronto cofounder, Jason Goldlist, said over 100,000 workers relocate to Toronto every year, making it two times the number as the San Francisco area. Over 20 percent of the immigrants have a STEM degree before arriving.


Shopify is also capitalizing on the opportunity. CEO and immigrant from Germany, Tobias Lutke, took to social media saying if your plans have been derailed, move to Canada instead. The team at Jobs Across the World is dedicated to helping you get hired for the job you deserve. They will match your resume with open jobs all around the world. Contact them today!

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