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Australian Job Ads Bounce Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

As Australia sees some relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, three key sectors are driving the growth in Australian job ads. According to a leading job search website in Australia, job ads grew by over eight percent across the country from September to October 2020. Trades and services, including automotive trades, electricians, welders, hair and beauty, boilermakers, gardening and landscaping, carpentry and cabinet making, were some of the leading industries fueling the growth. 

The healthcare and medical sector, including physiotherapists, nurses, dental and medical, counseling and social work, and occupational therapists and rehabilitation, was a top industry. The hospitality and tourism sector includes in-demand roles such as chefs, wait staff, management, housekeeping, and front office staff round off the three largest sectors with the highest Australian job ads.

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Easing restrictions in Victoria will continue to help job seekers in Australia. The nation’s job ad increase is linked closely to Victoria and New South Wales’ conditions, and both states are seeing robust performances for consecutive months. Several others states and territories have job ad numbers comparable to pre-pandemic levels. Tasmania had a 23 percent increase in job ads from October 2019 to October 2020. There were 178,800 new jobs in Australia that included 97,000 full-time positions and almost 82,000 part-time jobs. 

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