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Shortage of Skilled Workers in Western Australia

The Western Australian government commented that the economic success they are seeing after the pandemic is raising some challenges. One of the most significant challenges right now is skilled worker shortages across many industries. One spokesperson said, “…thanks to the efforts of all Western Australians, our economy has roared back to life, and there are jobs on offer.”

They agreed to work with industries to address the worker shortages and continue efforts to encourage more people to relocate permanently to the region. If you are looking for a job offer in some of the top expat destinations, contact Jobs Across the World. When you submit your resume, their team of job specialists will match your skillset with an open position. You will be updated on new postings as soon as they become available.

An engineering company in Western Australia has had to delay fulfilling contracts and even turned some work away, according to the managing director. They are building three times the amount of gear that has ever been built. He said it has been frustrating when the skillset is there and the capability of taking on the additional work, but they can’t deliver due to a shortage of workers.

Since there is a shortage of rentals in the region, the company has resorted to building its own 48-bed worker village, similar to a mining camp. There are many job openings available for you in WA. Contact Jobs Across the World to find the perfect opportunity. You will be contacted when an employer is interested in your resume and you can confirm if you are interested.

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