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Global Tech Firms Creating Canadian Jobs in Calgary

Several global tech firms are creating thousands of jobs in Calgary. These multi-billion-dollar companies have done their research, and although they could go anywhere in the world, they are choosing Calgary. Critical factors on their decisions are high quality of life, local post-secondary institutions, and a relatively low cost of living. These main factors have given Calgary a strong case for both firms and employees. 

It is enticing the companies to relocate to Calgary and reassuring them they can expand with the right local talent. Post-secondary institutions are critical to training additional people to work within the industry. If you are looking for a position in the tech industry, contact Jobs Across the World. Their team will match your skillset with the perfect job, no matter where you are located. All international resumes are welcome.

Infosys recently announced its decision to bring 500 jobs to Calgary within the next three years. The global consulting and IT services company will help customers across Western Canada and the US. Mphasis is looking to create 1,000 jobs through local means in the next two or three years. 

The firm is an IT provider to insurance firms and financial services with a small footprint in the country. They are looking to expand service lines and their geographic reach. The past success Calgary has experienced in drawing new firms is creating more interest from outside the community. Jobs Across the World will help you find the best position for your qualifications. Contact them today and submit your resume.

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