Economy Adds 97,000 Full-Time Jobs in Australia

The job market in Australia has a very positive outlook and is continuing to improve. No state or territory had a decrease in the number of people employed in October 2020. 

According to Sarah Hunter, the chief economist at BIS Oxford Economics, if the pandemic remains under control, the recovery should stay strong going into 2021. The increase in Australian jobs show employment in October was only 1.7 percent under the March numbers. This reflects a large group of workers who had been temporarily unemployed and are returning to the workforce.


The increase in jobs was accompanied by an increase in hours worked as well. In Victoria, hours worked rose by 5.6 percent. JobsAWorld is dedicated to helping you get hired for a job position you deserve. Submit your resume today and be matched with a position in some of the world’s top relocation destinations.

Although the Australian unemployment rate increased slightly last month, there was a significant increase in people being hired due to the easing of the lockdown in Victoria. Economists had predicted the unemployment rate to rise to 7.2 percent and for over 30,000 jobs to be lost. Instead, employers added 97,000 full-time positions and 82,000 part-time positions to the workforce.

Employers added 97,000 full-time positions and 82,000 part-time positions to the workforce!

Workers needing additional hours decreased from 11.4 to 10.4 percent. If you are looking for the perfect job opportunity in a top relocation destination, contact JobsAWorld. Their tireless team of career development experts is dedicated to finding the job position you want and deserve.

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