Australian Jobs Are Available in the Regional Areas

There has been an increase of 54,000 new job vacancy ads in rural Australian regions. 

The increase in vacancies is pointing toward a long-awaited population and economic turnaround. Liz Ritchie, the Regional Australia Institute chief executive, says there are silver linings in the pandemic for regional Australia. There is a 13 percent increase from one year ago in October, showing record numbers. Current positions with vacancies include accountants, lawyers, and doctors. 

These well-paying Australian job opportunities are making people rethink their lifestyle, according to Ritchie. If you are looking for a great job opportunity, contact JobsAWorld. Their team of experts will match your qualifications with the perfect job for you.


Michael McCormack, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development, said these regional towns are small enough to care, yet large enough to find a good cup of coffee. Through the pandemic, they have learned regional areas still have side benefits of living in the city. Mudgee, one regional area three and a half hours from Sydney, has had a median house price increase of eight percent this year. The businesses in the town are doing the best they have ever done.

The businesses in the town are doing the best they have ever done.

It is booming, which seems unheard of in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. There are many job opportunities around the world, no matter where you currently live. Submit your resume to JobsAWorld and be matched with the perfect position you deserve. You will be notified of new openings as they are posted.

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