GM Hiring 3,000 for Electric Vehicle Jobs in the USA

GM recently hired 1,100 new employees as a part of a $2.3 billion venture along with LG Chem to make Ultium batteries in Ohio. 

Now the automaker is planning a hiring blitz to increase their focus on electric vehicles. This hiring spree is looking to hire 3,000 during the first quarter of 2021. The company is looking to offer at least 20 electric vehicles worldwide by 2023. By 2025 GM plans to invest $20 billion in autonomous and electric vehicles. The GM vice president of the autonomous and electric vehicles program, Ken Morris, said they have front lined two upcoming electric vehicles with the proprietary Ultium cells.

This hiring spree is looking to hire

during the first quarter of 2021!

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The new hires will focus on software development, engineering, design, and information technology. GM is looking to increase inclusion and diversity and contribute to electric vehicle development, along with customer experience. Several of the positions being hired out will be remote, as GM is offering more opportunities remotely than ever before, according to the leadership at GM


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