Top Source Countries for Highly Skilled Relocation

Every company around the world is searching for top talent to support the goals they have, and for many, nothing will limit their search. 

Highly skilled sectors, such as engineering, are having a difficult time finding enough qualified workers. Companies are required to reach out all around the globe to source skilled workers and then relocate them to the project’s location. Many times, countries have to provide the support system that allows people to work there, attract them, help them develop careers, and be willing to remain in the country.

The number one country for retaining talent and developing skills is Switzerland. The multilingual, high-income country is easy to access by workers and has a high quality of life. If you are looking for a relocation job opportunity in a top destination for expat workers, contact Jobs Across the World. Their team of experts will match your resume with the perfect job opening that matches your skillset. 

The second country for skilled workers is the UK which benefits from Ireland being so close. Third place goes to the USA which also benefits from a country being so close to the border. America benefits from Canadians being able to flow across the border for job opportunities. The US offers workers opportunities to develop and grow their skills. This one factor helps it push Sweden to fourth place.


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