Immigrants Working in the UK Prevalent Among Highest Paid

The best paid workers in the United Kingdom are immigrants, as reported by HM Revenue and Customs. A quarter of the 525,000 workers in the top one percent earning over $165,000 relocated to the UK as adults. The UK population is made up of only 15 percent who are immigrants. 

A quarter of the 525,000 workers in the top one percent earning over $165,000

Research by Arun Advani suggests that those concerned that newcomers are a drain on the economy are not being considerate of how high earners are fueling the economy. He said the concerns about newcomers are not relevant. They are actually very significant at the top of the income distribution, which in turn produces more tax money.

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The predominance of newcomers is shown even more significant among the top wage earners in the United Kingdom. Out of the top 0.001 percent of wage earners, close to a fourth are foreign-born. This number is close to three times what would be expected if incomes were distributed across the board.

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