Global Leaders Rank New Zealand #1 for Pandemic Response

According to a Bloomberg Media survey, New Zealand had the best response to the COVID-19 pandemic of anywhere else in the world.

The high score has given business leaders the most confidence for investments. The country ranked high for not only economic recovery, but also virus control, political stability, and social resilience. New Zealand received an index score of 238 and second place Japan received 204. The United States and the United Kingdom ranked ninth and tenth on the report.

New Zealand Index Score!

New Zealand ranked highest in its political stability ranking and was the most preferred vacation spot for executives once travel was open again. If you are considering relocating for a better job experience, contact JobsAWorld. You will be matched with the perfect position in some of the world’s top destinations for expat workers. 

New Zealand finance minister Grant Robertson said the success during the pandemic was the government’s plan to go “hard and early.” They had a plan and stuck to it, making NZ one of the world’s most open economies.


Global businesses are seeing a clear plan instituted by New Zealand to rebuild and recover. Businesses’ main concerns about the pandemic are the unknowns. Issues about the supply chain, the lack of local government support, data security, and international business travel are also concerns. 

New Zealand’s largest focus is strengthening crisis management. There are many job opportunities around the world. Submit your resume to JobsAWorld and be matched to the job you deserve. You will be emailed new opportunities as they become available.

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