Ads for Jobs in New Zealand Jump 66 Percent

New Zealand has seen a 66 percent increase in job ads compared to the last quarter, according to a top New Zealand employment website. 

Although the job market is still slightly softer than last year, the number of jobs advertised has experienced a post-lockdown bounce back. Trades and services had the most significant growth over the past three months by volume, with information and communication technology, and transportation and logistics close behind.

New Zealand Has Seen A 66% Increase In Job Ads!

Job openings in media, advertising, and arts increased by 193 percent in the third quarter. There are many job opportunities around the globe if you are willing to relocate. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World to be matched with the perfect job matching your qualifications. You will be updated on new jobs as they become available

As hard hit as hospitality and tourism were during the lockdown, the sectors saw a 45 percent increase in open positions from July to September. The number of openings in Auckland was down 43 percent year over year. Wellington had 32 percent less available jobs, and Canterbury has a decline of 38 percent. However, September alone shows the gap narrowing from last year and this year.


Unemployment and the economy have functioned better after the lockdown than initially predicted. Jobs Across the World will match your skillset with open jobs in some of the world’s top destinations for expat workers. They will send you personalized jobs to your inbox so you can choose the perfect position! International resumes are welcome, and it doesn’t matter where you are located. You could be celebrating your new achievement very soon!

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