Japan Jobs Availability Soars to 44-Year High


The ongoing population crisis in Japan is quietly changing the strict immigration policy by allowing more low-skilled immigrant laborers in the country. Shinzo Abe, Chair of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, approved an immigration policy for the creation of new visa status for non-professional nonresident workers. If relocating to Japan is something you are interested in, submit your resume to Jobs Across The World. They will match it with an open position that may be your next job. The Japanese government is allowing as many as 500,000 low-skilled laborers in the country by 2025. The five sectors that would benefit are shipbuilding, nursing, hotel, agriculture, and construction. These fields have been suffering from a severe labor shortage. Two years ago, the committee spoke of allowing 900,000 new workers in the country for jobs.

Yoshio Kimura, Chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s select committee on issues related to foreign workers, told the Japan Times, “Some 500,000 is not enough at all. Some people who don’t know about the reality of the Japanese economy must have just made up that figure.” He said the Japanese population over the next century would be close to 40 million. He said the country needs young people who will support the seniors. Japan has already allowed in thousands of migrant workers with student visas and “technical intern trainee” status. This back-door measure has been a help to small firms. JobsAWorld  can match your resume with the best position available. You can find your dream job right now!

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  • There is an ongoing population crisis in Japan.
  • The Japanese government changed policy and is allowing up to 500,000 laborers in the country by 2025.
  • 5 sectors will benefit from this: Shipbuilding, nursing, hotels, construction and agriculture.
  • These fields have been suffering from a severe labor shortage.


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