New Zealand Looking for Construction Workers to Fill Void

New Zealand is attempting to lure UK construction workers away from their cold, wintery building sites and begin work at the country’s largest ever infrastructure and housing program. They have launched a campaign to fill over 65,000 new construction jobs in New Zealand that will be needed over the next five years to meet the increasing demand. The huge need is forcing the industry to work with the government to create the largest ever recruitment drive for skilled labor in the UK. Submit your resume to Jobs Across The World if you would be willing to relocate for work. They will match your resume with an employer that will contact you. An ideal environment to attract potential immigrants has happened with the recent decline in British construction jobs and Brexit’s uncertainties, according to Auckland Transport’s chief infrastructure officer, Greg Edmonds.

A recruitment consortium has created a package, LookSee Build NZ, to offer experiences including surfing, fishing, and cultural events, to spark the interest of construction professionals. Interested and qualified workers would be matched with employers needing workers. The government is planning to spend NZ$2 billion over the next decade, building over 100,000 homes as a piece of the election promise to improve housing affordability. Massive infrastructure updates are also in the works during that time frame as well, which is going to cost an estimated $125 billion. There are just not enough workers locally to make these things happen. If you are skilled in construction work, and would be willing to relocate to New Zealand, contact Jobs Across The World. They will help match you with the perfect job!

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