Thousands of US Jobs Created by Immigrant Tech Founders

The United States economy depends on startups for most of America’s net job creation, and immigrants begin many of the new companies. The National Foundation for American Policy released a study recently showing that 50 out of 91 of the country’s $1 billion startup companies had at least one foreign-born founder. An average of over 1,200 employees per company was due to U.S. jobs created in these immigrant-founded billion-dollar companies.

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According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, new companies are the primary source of job creation in the US economy. Immigrants are almost fifty percent more likely as native-born citizens to become entrepreneurs. An immigrant from Canada, Garrett Camp, didn’t create Uber to produce a lot of new jobs. The jobs were merely a byproduct of a new way of considering transportation.

Elon Musk, hailing from South Africa, didn’t begin SpaceX to create thousands of new jobs in the USA. But, just like Uber, SpaceX employs thousands of people, ranking it second among billion-dollar startup companies with an immigrant founder. We Work, Mu Sigma, Palantir Technologies, Unity Technologies, Sprinklr, Warby Parker, and Compass are a few other companies founded by immigrants. Jobs Across the World allows employers free access to the many resumes of skilled foreign workers in their extensive user-friendly database. Submit your resume today and be matched with the perfect job for you.

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