Asia Needs More Banking Professionals with Fintech Skills


Asia is undergoing a significant supply shortage in the digital and fintech spaces. There are just not enough people available to hire with the needed skills, according to Declan O’Sullivan, a managing director for Kerry Consulting. Not only are banks in Asia needing to enter into the phase of active headhunting as before the global financial crisis in 2008, but also financial institutions all around the globe. If you have considered relocating for a position, Jobs Across the World would be of benefit to you. They match your resume with open jobs all around the world. They will also update you on new job openings matching your qualifications.

For the past ten years, banks have been relatively passive about recruiting new hires. The focus now is looking for skilled workers in the digital and banking-specific technology, called fintech. The influence in fintech is “really changing how banks themselves will organize their own recruitment functions,” O’Sullivan reported to CNBC. Right after the financial crisis in 2008, there was an ample supply of bankers, but that direction is generally modifying as we flow out of that time frame. The demand is now geared toward people skilled in digital and fintech areas, such as digital strategists, data managers, fintech professionals, and cybersecurity specialists.

Whether you are someone searching for job opportunities and are available to relocate, or you are an employer looking for a skilled employee to fill a position, Jobs Across the World is ready to help. They offer you many different secure payment options for services you receive and have excellent customer service.

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