Middle Class Enjoy High Standard of Living in US State of Utah 

Utah is one of the top states where the middle class enjoy a high standard of living in America, as seen by the impressive homeownership rate of 70.5 percent. There are parts of the US where the middle class is thriving and other regions, not so much. States such as Ohio (ranked 13th) and Wisconsin (ranked 9th) have seen a revitalization of their major cities in the past few years and are attracting middle class Americans who are looking for affordable housing and good jobs. If you are considering relocating for the perfect job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your resume with an open position no matter where in the world it is located. You will be updated on new job postings that match your qualifications as they become available.

Iowa is the best state to start building wealth

Idaho is a fast-growing state and this is particularly evident in the city of Boise. The population grew by over 18 percent in the past eight years. SmartAsset, a personal finance website, put together a report of the best states for the middle class, and Idaho ranked second on the list. Coming in right behind Idaho, Iowa was ranked third. The median home value in the state is $152,000. New research says Iowa is the best state for the middle class to live in the US and start building wealth. Nebraska ranked fourth on the list, where 66.1 percent of people in the state own a home. The population of 20 to 24-year-olds ranks nationally in the top ten. There are many job opportunities available in the United States. Contact Jobs Across the World to be matched with the perfect opportunity. They will match your skillset with an open position, no matter where it is located.

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