Can a Music Video Help This Tradesman Immigrate to Canada?

A tradesman from Colombia has a dream to provide his children with a better life and has a unique way to accomplish that dream. He is hoping to attract the attention of employers in Canada by creating a music video showing his skills as a construction worker. Wilman Antonio “Junior” Guerrero is hoping that a company will hire him under the Federal Skilled Trades Program. If you are looking to international employment to provide your family with a better life, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your skillset and the perfect position, no matter where you currently live or no matter where in the world it is located. International applications are welcome. Contact them today!

Guerrero said his home country is a very dangerous place and there are gangs controlling the villages. He knows it is not the place where anyone would want to raise their children. The music video was shot in the village where Guerrero and his family live and is a musical resume, highlighting his trades experience and technical skills. The song also sheds light on the difficulties of living in Colombia. He was kidnapped by guerrillas and escaped a training camp for child soldiers. Guerrero hopes that his music video, with over 9,000 Facebook views, will attract some attention. He refuses to give up hope. Submit your application to Jobs Across the World to be matched with the perfect opportunity. You will be updated on new postings that fit your skills as they are posted. Contact them today!

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