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US Visa Policy Benefits Canadian Technology Sector

The Canadian tech industry is booming, and Toronto is enjoying the most significant increase in tech jobs of any city in North America

As the United States has instituted policies to make it more challenging to obtain a work visa, Canada welcomes skilled workers with open arms. Fakhri Karray, a professor at the University of Waterloo, said there has been significant growth in experienced computer programmers from Pakistan and India. The tech sector is always looking for highly skilled workers from around the globe.

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Several US tech companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, are increasing their presence in Canada, to get around US policies that make it difficult for workers to get the required visa to live in the country. Karray said he believes the US government is hurting the country by blocking foreign workers. Most tech company workers in the Silicon Valley are from abroad, yet, the Trump administration is limiting those workers. Cutting that flow could be detrimental to the US tech sector.

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Karray said he knows several workers who had planned to relocate to the United States, but changed their plans and moved to Canada instead. He hopes the trend continues. The diversity and success of Canada are dependent on immigration and skilled foreign workers. The growing trend in today’s interconnected world wide economy is for workers to relocate where jobs are available.

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