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Canadian Employment Soars in June 2020

The Canadian economy saw a significant rebounding in June, after the shutdown in April and May


Ontario saw the largest increase in Canadian jobs, with an additional 378,000 positions since the pandemic caused businesses to close their doors. Carla Qualtrough, Canada’s employment minister, said the job increases were a sign the government’s reopening plan was successful. The Bank of Canada, along with the government, believes the major setbacks are behind the country.

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Statistics Canada released a job force survey reporting 952,000 new jobs were added in June. Of those new positions, 465,000 were part-time, and 488,000 were full-time positions. Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to 12.3 percent after reaching a record high of 13.7 percent in the previous month. Thousands of businesses around the world are seeking skilled foreign talent for job vacancies that can’t be filled by their local labor market.

New Jobs Added in June

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