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US Immigration Policies Benefit Canadian Companies

President Donald Trump’s latest executive order to suspend worker visas to the United States has benefited Canada and much of the tech world


As the U.S. began building walls to keep immigrants out, Canada started a program called the Global Talent Stream. This new agenda allows innovative firms with the need for specialized skills to fast-track the entry of skilled foreign workers. The Global Talent Stream is still going strong even with the pandemic slowing some immigration. Canada has made it clear they are interested in talented, hardworking people from around the world. They are encouraged to build jobs and wealth with their ideas.

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Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, stated one of America’s greatest achievements and advantages is when you can pick up talent from around the world. But with the latest executive order, it puts things on hold for the U.S. Canada is looking to pick up the ball the U.S. has dropped. Canada’s openness to foreigners has helped reverse the trend of talent going south to work and contributed to the Canadian tech sector’s robust growth in the country. Earlier in the year, large companies such as Shopify, Google, and Amazon reported their plans to hire thousands of new employees and build new offices. Toronto has over 1,400 startup companies in the area that has doubled tech employment over the past five years. This flow is expected to resume and accelerate.

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