These Boomtowns Are Producing Many New Jobs in the USA

Economic growth is thriving in these “boomtown” cities, creating new jobs, and attracting new residents

SmartAsset, a financial advice website, looked at data covering the 500 largest cities in America to determine what “boomtowns” are at the top. Several southern cities topped the ranking, and some are growing faster than others. Greeley, CO, had the fastest population growth over the rest of the cities in the report. New Braunfels, TX, had a 41 percent increase in housing units, which aided the population to grow by 30 percent.

The number one “boomtown” on the report is Longmont, Colorado. From 2014 to 2018, they had a population increase of over six percent, and household income growth reached close to 30 percent. Ranked number two, Denton, Texas, had a population increase of eight percent, and the housing market increased by 13.42 percent. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the fourth-largest municipality in the state, ranked number four with a 14.85 percent population growth. Miami, Florida, located in another southern state, ranked fourth with housing growth of over ten percent.

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