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Women from Latin America Are Growing Force in US Job Market

Mayra Macias, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, watched her father work long, hard 14- hour days as a sanitation worker in the city of Chicago

Mayra didn’t take his sacrifice to provide for his family lightly. She graduated from Yale University and is now one of 12 million Latinas in the growing share of the U.S. labor market. Macias is the executive director of the Latino Victory Project, where she promotes progressive Latinos to win political office.

Mayra is an example of a noticeable component of the economic expansion in the United States: The increase in women who have or want a job. A major increase has been seen in Latinas, with over 60 percent of the ethnic group holding a job in the labor market, which is higher than the national average of 59 percent for females overall.

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The US economy is heavily dependent on immigrants and their families for growth in the American labor force, and it is expected to increase even more. By 2028, it is predicted Latinas will represent 9.2 percent of the total labor force, an increase of close to two percent. Both Hispanic men and women will represent one-fifth of the workforce in eight years.

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Of Total Labor Force by 2028

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