Miami Ranked #1 Place to Live and Work in America by Expats

Over 20,000 expat workers in more than 185 countries, chose the top 82 cities where employees were most satisfied with their working-abroad design

Miami has been ranked number one for where to work when moving to the U.S., reported an online resource group. Miami is Florida’s second-largest city, and expats say it is the easiest place to settle into as a newcomer and where they feel welcomed.

Around 75 percent of expats living in Miami say they feel at home living there, compared to only 64 percent of those who feel the same about other cities around the world. Miami is rated highly for the weather, friendliness, and social activity.

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Of Expats Living in Miami Say They Feel at Home

Pew Research Center reported that around 14,700 people were approved to relocate to Miami between 2010 and 2016 with H-1B visas. Approximately half of them have an advanced degree, and on average, were approved for an average salary of just over $70,000.

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Average Salary of Immigrants in Miami

The second-ranked city is Houston, Texas, where 75 percent consider the local residents friendly and find it easy to get used to the local culture. There are many great cities to work in America as an expat, from Florida to California.

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