UK Immigration

Worldwide Applications for Points-Based UK Immigration

The new “simple, effective, and flexible” post-Brexit points-based visa and immigration system in the UK is now open for applications. 

Skilled workers from around the world can apply to live and work in the United Kingdom, as the Brexit transition ends, from EU and non-EU countries. The new points-based system now awards points for a UK job offer at each appropriate skill level, being paid a minimum salary, and knowledge of English.

Skilled Workers

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the new British government promised to take control of the borders, and begin a new points-based immigration system. “Today we have delivered on that promise,” Patel said. If you are looking for a job opportunity that matches your skill set, contact Jobs Across the World. Submit your resume today and wait on the perfect job offer.

According to Patel, the new simple, effective and flexible UK immigration system will make sure employers can recruit the skilled workers they need. It will also encourage employers to invest in and train the UK’s workforce. This new system will open routes for those who have top skills or show promise in the sectors of engineering, science, tech, and culture, no matter where they are from.

Skilled workers will need to apply online, prove their identity, and also provide their documents. Once a person has gone through the steps, they will receive a decision within weeks. There are job opportunities all around the world! If you are looking for a new job, contact Jobs Across the World. Once you submit your resume, an email will update you as new positions become available.

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