UK Telecom Company Is Hiring 5,300 New Workers

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a pledge to provide all businesses and homes in the UK with ultra-fast broadband speeds by 2025. 

This promise has launched Openreach to hire 5,300 new workers to fill open positions. Engineering and constructions jobs are at the top of the list. The telecom company will install a full-fiber network into 40,000 homes and firms every week, but will need to increase it to 50,000 by the end of next year to reach their goal. Productivity in the UK will rise by $59 billion by 2025, according to data from the Center for Economics and Business Research.


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The Coronavirus pandemic has sped up the $12 billion project. Close to one million people will be able to access employment once they receive the high-speed networks, which will lower the unemployment rates. The new FTTP (fiber to the property) connections will be made available to 3.2 million homes in 250 villages and towns.

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It will reach the far north of Scotland, Lingfield in Surrey and Aberystwyth on Cardigan Bay in Wales. A telecom company reported there are close to 600,000 businesses and homes that do not have access to a broadband connection over 10Mbps. This new venture will make significant changes to what they have available. If you are desiring a new job, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. 

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