Spike in British Searching for International Jobs

 After the British election in late-2019, in which the Conservative Party won a majority vote, internet searches by people in the UK for jobs in Canada spiked.


According to one report, searches for open jobs abroad increased 25 percent after the election results were published. Canada led the results of the countries searched for, with a December 2019 increase of 111 percent. Ireland followed with a 44 percent increase, Italy with a 32 percent increase, and Germany with a 28 percent increase. Australia and Poland also saw a rise in searches for jobs in their countries.

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Increse of Searches for Jobs in Canada

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The report showed that people in the UK seeking jobs immediately searched for employment in various countries following the results of the Brexit referendum in 2016. Google also showed data that searches increased for “how to move to Canada” right after exit poll results were released after the election. An economist noted it was interesting that Canada and Ireland, which have strong ties to the UK and are countries where English is widely spoken, had the largest increases of interest by British job-seekers.

The economist also remarked that there were significant increases in searches for jobs in other European countries, which could suggest foreign workers in the UK are heading home. These foreigners working in the United Kingdom could be concerned about their status as an immigrant in lieu of Brexit. The United States experienced the same type of increase after President Donald Trump won the election in November 2016.


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