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New Zealand Is Healthy Location for Movie Makers

New Zealand may be at the bottom of the globe, but the country is at the top of the movie industry. 

The incredible handling of the pandemic contributed to the unprecedented spike in film production. In a year of shutdowns, international blockbusters like Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, and The Power of the Dog all managed complex film shoots in New Zealand. 

Movie Makers in New Zealand

Home-grown movies have seen quite a boost, with Kiwis supporting the sector. One local filmmaker said it feels like they are living in the “Hollywood of the Pacific.” If you are looking for a job opportunity, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. Their team of career development experts is dedicated to helping you get hired for the job position you deserve. You will receive personalized jobs that match your skillset directly to your inbox.

As the pandemic reached the country in March 2020, there were about 47 local productions in various phases of production and filming and employing over 4,000 New Zealanders. The country quickly eliminated community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and film production resumed by summer. By September, James Cameron, director of Avatar, confirmed Avatar 2 was complete, and Avatar 3 was almost there.

New Zealand had an advantage over other productions around the world by opening its borders to select international filmmakers and actors. To stay safe, they had to quarantine 14 days after coming to the country. There are job opportunities all around the world, no matter where you live. After submitting your resume to Jobs Across the World you will be updated about positions that meet your qualifications.

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