Canada’s Yukon Territory Reports Worker Shortage

It has never been easy finding enough workers to staff all of the openings in Whitehorse or the Yukon in general. But it is worse now than ever, according to Mark Wykes, the owner of a grocery store in Whitehorse. He said it is very tough on the people who are trying to work overtime and pick up the slack even though they do not want the extra hours. If you are considering relocating for a job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World.  

Another manager, Lee Bodie, said he has had some hires recently, but was very low on workers over the summer months. He said it had been one of the worst years on record for operating a business in Carmack. The employee shortage facing businesses is reflected in data released by Statistics Canada. The report shows Yukon had the highest job vacancy rate in Canada in the second quarter, reaching 5.1 percent. There was a total of 890 vacant jobs in the territory. Jobs Across the World can help you find the perfect job. You submit your resume to their online platform and wait for a call from a company looking for someone with your skill set. It does not matter where you or the company is located in the world.

In October of last year, 900 people were unemployed in the area, and 890 job openings were available, making the number almost identical. The majority of the opportunities were in service occupations and sales, followed by transport and equipment operators and the trades. The remoteness of the Yukon communities makes finding new employees a challenge. Wykes said their best option is to be flexible in accommodating their current employees’ shift preferences and treat them well. He has also begun offering bonuses to those who recommend a potential employee who is not only hired, but lasts through the probationary timeframe. Bodie said they provide housing to employees to add an additional incentive. They also advertise worldwide and hire workers through the Yukon Nominee program. The program allows people from overseas to work in Yukon and become permanent Canadian residents. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World and find a job opportunity you will love.

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