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Strong US Jobs Market Indicated by 943,000 New Positions

Last year the hospitality and leisure industries were decimated by the many lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the same sectors are the largest contributors of US job gains, comprising a third of the total positions. Around 253,000 US jobs were in the bars and restaurant sector alone in July 2021. The jobless rate dropped across all demographic groups to the lowest level since the beginning of the crisis (only 5.4 percent). 


Nearly one million people began working in the USA during July, which is a good sign for consumer spending and jobs recovery. President Joe Biden spoke of his administration’s economic policies and the successes achieved, but also mentioned the ups and downs we will continue to see while we battle the various variants of the virus. If you are considering relocating for a better job, contact JobsAWorld. Submit your resume and you will be matched with a position that highlights your skillset.

jobs were added in July

The American economy added 943,000 jobs in July and 938,000 in June. These numbers are showing a strong recovery pace over the summer of 2021. These are the largest gains since last August. Since May 2020, the US has added over 16 million jobs, but it is still 5.7 million short of its pre-crisis levels. 

The stagnant participation numbers show there are millions of potential workers not working or looking for work in America. The recovery seems to have a mismatch between workers’ ability or willingness to go back to work due to virus fears, generous benefits, and childcare issues and businesses’ demand for employees. Contact JobsAWorld to find the perfect job for you and your qualifications.

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