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US Employment Opportunities Available for Construction Workers

The owner of New York Solar Maintenance, Matthew Messer, is seen working alongside his lead technician seven days a week as his business is experiencing a great demand. He said it is not how he prefers to be spending his time, but he has no choice. His company has three open positions ranging from lead technician down to entry-level, showing an example of an industry-wide issue as a labor shortage meets higher demand. New home construction and improvement are skyrocketing, thanks to the lack of inventory in the housing market, plus more people are working from home. 

According to Associated Builders and Contractors, the industry was already facing an employee shortage before the pandemic. Now construction businesses need to hire 430,000 employees this year and an additional one million over the next two years to be able to meet the strong demand.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the construction industry had to shut down for a few months last year but was deemed essential and allowed to continue the paused projects. But in that short amount of time, the industry lost over one million workers. According to the US Labor Department, nearly 80 percent of the workforce has returned or been replaced, but it is still short 238,000 workers from pre-pandemic numbers. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World and find the perfect position! There are opportunities all around the world.

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