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Immigrant from Guatemala Helps Other Newcomers in US

Right after turning 13, Onelio Mencho Aguilar left his home in Guatemala and journeyed alone to the United States for a new start


He didn’t speak English, had very little money, and didn’t know anyone in the new country. He faced many hardships of homelessness and hunger, but with the help of teachers found hope. Jobs Across the World will match your skillset with the perfect job opportunity. It doesn’t matter where the job is or where you currently live. 

Aguilar was placed in a foster home, graduated high school, and received a degree from Marymount University. His dream was to attend law school and become a lawyer. After taking a job as a teacher at the high school he attended, his dreams and aspirations changed. He has never second-guessed the decision. He now stays after class to assist immigrant students, help with assignments, act as a translator, and mentor students through tough times.

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