Good Salaries Earned by “Non-Techies” Working in Tech Jobs

You want to get a job in the tech sector, but you don’t have a technical background. Good news! The tech industry doesn’t only hire software engineers and coders. Those who have studied business and the humanities can usually find an open position at a tech company in areas of management, social media, human resources, and many more areas. Some of those positions can bring home six-figure salaries. If you are considering relocating for the perfect job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your skillset with an open position no matter where it is located. 

Sales Manager

Comparably, a salary and compensation website, conducted a recent study based on 20,000 employee salary records and listed the top 15 tech jobs and salaries for non-techies. The number one position is a sales manager who brings home over $117,000. In this position, you would oversee sales reps and account managers, set quotas, and assign sales territories. This position recommends a bachelor’s degree in business. Thousands of relocation jobs are available to you. Contact Jobs Across the World to be matched with the perfect job for you. 

Business Development Manager

The number two job on the list for non-techies is a business development manager who makes around $116,000 annually. This is a hybrid sales-marketing position. You would develop strategic partnerships with companies, find marketing opportunities, and facilitate business growth. You will need strong written and verbal communication skills, knowledge of marketing and sales, and interpersonal skills. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World to be matched with the position you have dreamed of having. It doesn’t matter where you or the job is located.

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